Geography of Knowledge

Global Innovation – Innovation Networks and Clusters – Science Parks as Knowledge Spaces

International Research projects on knowledge flows among companies in science parks. Science parks as knowledge spaces. What makes innovation spaces productive?

Technopark Trivandrum, Kerala: Turning Space into Mind Space Billboard by Tata Elxsi

ASPA Conference 2020, 26-28 October, Kuala Lumpur

Theme: Advancing Technological Revolution through Co-opetition


ASPA Conference 2018, 3-5 October, Vladivostok

Impact of Global Trends on the Development of Asian STPs


ASPA Conference 2016

This year’s conference of the Asian Science Parks Association will be held in Hyderabad, India: 19-22 October 2016


Cities as Learning Spaces: The Hong Kong – Malmo Sustainability Collaboration

An applied research project on urban practices (2014-2016)

Project outline: Hong Kong – Malmo Sustainability Exchanges 2015

Presentation at WEEC 2015 in Gothenburg


Asialics: Convergence, Innovation and Creative Economy, 25-27 September 2014, Daegu, Korea


ASPA Conference, 9-11 October 2013, Gwangju, Korea

Asian Future Industry & Convergence


The Geography of Knowledge

Emerging innovation cluster and knowledge networks in Clean Technologies in the Greater Pearl River Delta

Project outline:


Roadmaps for Future Navigation

28th IASP World Conference was held in Copenhagen, 19-22 June 2011


The Value of Knowledge Networks – An empirical study of network linkages in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park


New Publication (August 2011): The Use of Twitter in Science and Technology Parks

Twitter in STPs – IASP 2011


Emerging Innovation Eco-system in Cleantech in the Greater Pearl River Delta

Seminar in Guangzhou, 13 July 2011

Open Innovation collaborative research project with stakeholders across business, science and public sector organisations

We will organise seminars in Shenzhen and Macau in September/October 2011. If you would like to receive an invitation, please email


The ASPA (Asian Science Park Association) held its annual conference in Perth

Topic: The Asia Pacific Region’s Innovation Hot Spots – Opportunities for Sustainable Collaboration


Knowledge Spaces and Flows: Spatial Mobility of Knowledge

September 2010, Heidelberg, Germany

This is the last symposium of a series of 10 interdisciplinary exchanges organised by the Geography Department of the University of Heidelberg in collaboration with the Klaus Tschira Foundation, which deals with the generation, diffusion and application of knowledge under special consideration of the role of the spatial context and spatical dimension of knowledge-disparities.


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