13-14 June 2023, Turku

Futures conference: Empowering Futures

Long-term governance, democracy and Futures Research


13-14 October 2022, Berlin

GfWM KnowledgeCamp2022: Knowledge Management Essentials


23-24 June 2022, Potsdam

17th ICKM International Knowledge Management Conference

Knowledge, Uncertainty and Risks


27 May 2021

The Connected City Conference at the StartmeupHK Festival


16-18 September 2020

21th World Knowledge Forum

Pandenomics Perspective –  Shaping New Global Symbiosis


2-6 March 2020

Transport and Climate Change Week, Berlin


10 February 2020

Connected City Conference: Future Hong Kong 2030   postponed to July


9-10 December 2019, Moscow

Smart Nations: Economy of Digital Equality

State University of Moscow


10-16 August 2019, Macau

International Joint Conference on AI

IJCAI 2019, the 28th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence will be held in Macau this year.


26 May 2019 KPMG/Eurocham Event

Connected Cities: Building Smarter, more liveable cities for a sustainable future

Connected Cities: Building Smarter, More Liveable Cities for a Sustainable Future


The Connected City Conference

24 January 2019, Hong Kong


6th OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge, Policy

27-29 November 2018, Incheon


World Cities Summit

8-12 July 2018, Singapore

Read my article about it:


Smart City Data Governance in Public Clouds

17 May 2018: Talk in IoT Connectivity conference track


Open Innovation and Smart City

8 May 2018:  Diskussion at Siemens Innovation Day


Asia Pacific Business Forum 2018, Hong Kong

10-11 April 2018


12th Internet Governance Forum “Shape your Digital Future”

18-21 December 2017, Geneva

IGF 2017


The Future of Learning

17 November 2017

As advanced technologies seem to become better and more reliable at many business processes previously performed by humans, we are beginning to rethink how our individual and organisational learning will change the nature of professional work. Are the boundaries between individual learning and learning at work diminishing? How will the future of virtual and physical boundaries influence the continous learning choices for our work and life?



13th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM)

25-27 October 2017, Dallas, Texas



3-4 July 2017, Paris

Information and Knowledge for All: Towards an Inclusive Innovation

The 13th World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities


12-13 June 2017, Turku, Finland

Futures of a Complex World


17-19 May 2017, Berlin

Connecting Startup Cities Event at the Asia Pacific Weeks



1-3 May 2017, Yokohama

Global Think Tank Summit


22-25 March 2017, Wuhan

iSchool Conference: Global Collaboration across the Information Community


18-20 November, Fukuoka

APIC 2016 Asia Pacific Innovation Conference

Theme: Innovation and Energy


19-21 September 2016, Ghent

OECD Blue Sky Forum on Science and Innovation Indicators


28 June 2016, Hong Kong

Digital Leadership: Just a buzzword – or a new way of thinking?


23/24 April 2016, Amsterdam

Open Innovation 2.0


13  April 2016, Hong Kong

The Internet Economy

Hong Kong, China and Beyond


18-20 February 2016, Hong Kong

21st Century Learning Conference


9-12 December 2015, Seoul

Asian Digital Library Conference


1-4 October 2015,  Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Asia Pacific Science Technology & Society Biennial Conference”

Disasters, Controversies, and Public Engagement


23-24 September 2015, Daejeon, Korea

Daejeon Global Innovation Forum


13-15 August 2015, Delhi NCR

12th International Knowledge Globalization Conference 2015:

Managing in Diverse Cultures, Jindal Global University


13 May 2015, Hong Kong and Macau

Living Labs: Creating Innovative Ideas through Collaborative Learning

A seminar with speakers from Helsinki @ The Garage Society Hong Kong

For details: Living Labs HK event on 13 May


25-27 February 2015, Berlin

Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment

Discussing the basis for knowledge-based policy-making on issues involving science, technology and innovation


2-3 October 2014,  OECD Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy, Tokyo, Japan

Data-driven Innovation for a Resilient Society:
How can “Big Data” boost productivity growth and innovation, while at the same time help countries enhance disaster response and risk management and address the challenges associated with ageing societies? These questions will be debated by policy makers and experts from developed and emerging economies at the fourth Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy (GFKE).To register to attend, to discover the programme, the agenda and the speakers, please go to <a title=”Click to open in a new window or tab; href=””> 


12-15 August 2014,  Knowledge Management International Conference, Langkawi, Malaysia


15-17 July 2014, Berlin

Open Knowledge Festival


10-12 March 2014, Yangon

International Media Conference: Challenge of a Free Press


9-12 December 2013, Sheraton, Hong Kong

Museums and the Web Asia


23-24 November 2013, Brussels

International Council on Archives: Accountability, Transparency and Access to Information


5-7 August 2013

WikiSym + OpenSym 2013 is the conference for researchers and practitioners of open collaboration concepts, processes, and technology, as found in wikis, Wikipedia, open source, citizen engineering, open access, open data. The conference brings together these different strands of open collaboration research and practice


15-17 July 2013

Knowledge, Making, Governing

Asia-Pacific Science, Technology & Society Network Conference, Singapore


6-10 May 2013

Mekong ICT Camp, Thailand


22-23 April 2013

KM and Social Media

Conference and Workshop  in Singapore


12-14 April 2013, London

GLAM-Wiki Conference

Open cultural data developments in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums


17-19 January 2013

International Conference on Sustainable Development

Presentation: The Global Knowledge Politics on Food Security

New Wadia College of Commerce, Pune


29-30 December 2012

9th International Conference on e-Governance

School of Communication and Management Studies, Cochin, Kerala


20-21 November, London

Online Information 2012

Multiple platforms, multiple communities, making sense in a big data world

 I will be moderating the session on “New frontiers in Information Management”


28-31 October, Taipei

Codata 2012

Open Data & Information for Changing Planet

For details, see Open Public Data


6-8 November 2012, KM Asia, Singapore


Open Data: The Knowledge Capital of Public Organisations
Government agencies and public organisations are one of the largest producers of data as a basis for decision-making and knowledge creation.

Public sector organisations produce, collect and share vast amounts of information, such as meteorological, traffic and socio-economic data, health and statistical data, cultural information and others. Public sector information is the “raw material” for new added value services, however, access and re-use regulations vary across the Asia Pacific region.

Open Government Data is about the creative use of this material through collaborative efforts between business, civil society and government through co-creating of new services and insights. Advanced knowledge economies such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan are developing initiatives and strategies to create an environment for knowledge creation based on open public information.

  • Open Data as public KM strategy
  • Examples of new services based on open data from public agencies across the AP region
  • Emerging open-data ecosystems and economies
  • Economic value of open knowledge flows


4-6 September 2012

Rethinking Knowledge Management: Foresight in the 21st Century

The 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management

Special Session at the ICKM 2012 organised by the New Club of Paris (

Developing Foresight for South Africa’s Knowledge Economy

6 September 2012, 14.00 -17.00, Johannesburg, FNB Conference and Training Centre in Grayston Road, Sandton

The International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) provides a forum for researchers and practitioners from all over the world to discuss and exchange ideas concerning theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge management and economy.

This year the conference will be hosted for the first time in Africa, and we would like to use this opportunity for share some insights on the future socio-economic development of South Africa and neighboring countries.

The Worldbank’s Knowledge Economy Index 2012 ranks South Africa as number 2 within Africa (behind Mauritius), followed by Botswana and Namibia; and 67th in the global ranking.

How can we better understand the underlying challenges and opportunities for knowledge economy development, looking at the indicators in the different categories: economic incentive and institutional regime, education, innovation and ICT as well as national investments in other intangibles.

We have invited speakers from government, international organizations, private sector and civil society for short interventions and lively discussion among speakers and delegates.

Joining our panel discussion:

Dr. Kobena Hanson, Head of ACBF Knowledge Management Department, African Capacity Building Foundation, Zimbabwe

Zelda Roberts, Senior Specialist, National Advisory Council on Innovation, Pretoria

Ansilla Nyar, Senior Researcher, Gauteng City-Region Observatory, Johannesburg

Programme development and facilitation: Jean-Jacques Mertens and Waltraut Ritter

Main conference site 


14 May 2012

Museums as Social Knowledge Spaces

Seminar details: Museums as knowledge spaces 14 May 2012

Time: 18:00-20:00

Venue: Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences


22 March 2012

Open Data Development in New York, London and Hong Kong

Article published


8-9 March 2012, Singapore

Intercity Networks and Urban Governance in Asia

National University of Singapore,  Asia Research Institute


2 December 2011

Presentation on “Creating Value from Public Information Re-use in Hong Kong” uploaded on Slideshare


22 November 2011

Is Knowledge Management losing Sight of the Bigger Picture?

Read the whole article here:  KM – Bigger Picture


8-10 November 2011  KM Asia, Singapore


26-28 October 2011, ICICKM, Bangkok

International Conference on Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management


24-31 August 2011    Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation, Helsinki


18-19 May 2011  Innovation Cluster in an Era of Convergence and Open Innovation, Daedok, Korea

Presenting on: Emerging Innovation Eco-system in Cleantech in the Greater Pearl River Delta


23-24 March 2011   Online Information Asia, Hong Kong

For the first time in Asia, this conference and exhibition offers an opportunity for information professionals to network and learn about latest developments in managing information as strategic assets.  For the full programme, please visit:


22-23 February 2011, Macau

Social media as tool for qualitative research is now used by many organisations to glean information from eclectic sources; it can also be used to understand trends and early signals in rapidly changing environments. Singapore-based Merlien Institute and the University of Macau are bringing together experts in this field for the 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Qualitative Research in Web 2.0, 22-23 February 2011 in Macau


24-26 Nov 2010

The 4th International Future Centre Summit will be held in Tokyo. The Summit is being organized by KDI (the Knowledge Dynamics Initiative of Fuji-Xerox) in collaboration with the Future Center Alliance.

Future Centres are innovation workspaces and labs for organizational and societal innovation; the Hong Kong Foresight Centre will be represented at the event.


22-23 October 2010, 7th ICKM, Pittsburgh, USA

The International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) provides researchers and practitioners from all over the world a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas concerning theoretical and practical aspects of Knowledge Management.


31 May 2010

Hong Kong as a knowledge-based economy and its role in China’s economic development, talk by John Tsang, Financial Secretar of the HKSAR


KM workshop on “Developing Flexible Indices for Knowledge Management” on 30 April 2010 at IMT


Creating the Conditions for Innovations: MEDICI seminar on 12 May 2010

The Medici family used to rule the city of Florence, Italy some 500 years ago. They would sponsor and train people from a range of different disciplines: architects, sculptors, scientists, philosophers. They brought them together from all over the world to Florence. There they were able to break down barriers – between different cultures and disciplines – to generate what became one of the most creative periods in our history, the Renaissance.

How can we break down barriers between different types of professional know how and expertise and see new connections?

The Medici game is a learning experience to explore the intersections of different fields of knowledge. You can find more details here:

Time: 12/05/10, 14:00-17:30.  For more details and registration, please email us at


7th Asialics International Conference

Conference theme: Global Recession and Reform of Innovation Systems in Asia

Asialics is organized by Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, 15-17 April 2010.


Global Labour Migration and its Impact on Asia

The Role of Brain Circulation in Knowledge Economies

Salzburg Global Seminar in Manila, 26-28 March 2010


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