Redefining Digital Keywords

What is an “event” in the physical, social and digital reality of the pandemic? The term “event” has many meanings; it can refer to a social happening or gathering, in science terms it also means  “an occurrence” or “a point in space at an instant in time”.  Re-visiting Benjamin Peters’ collection of Digital Keywords, published in 2016, the Digital Studio at the University of Melbourne is organising an interesting series of webinars on “Redefining Digital Keywords”.  Curated by Dr. Natalia Grincheva, this series invites to reflect on the meaning of words in a digital world. How has the meaning of “event” changed in the pandemic reality? How do we experience an event now? Can events still be a common experience with a shared narrative? Zooming in and out of events is shaping a different experience for us, a different type of engagement and relationship with the other participants and the content of an event. Will we keep a memory of the event and will it be recorded as experience at all? Can the often fleeting nature of digital events create meaningful and trustworthy relationships?