Knowledge Management is the art of creating value from an organization’s intangible assets.

Karl Erik Sveiby

This definition has guided us in our understanding of managing know how  in an organisational context.  Looking at knowledge stocks and flows in organisations gives you a fresh perspective on the complexity of the nature of organisational issues.

14th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM)

9-10 November 2018, Vancouver

The conference will be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of ASIS&T “Building and Sustaining an Ethical Future with Emerging Technology”


13th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM)

25-27 October 2017, Dallas, Texas



10-11 October 2016, ICKM, Vienna

12th International Conference on Knowledge Management



18-19 November 2015, KM Asia

The 15th Anniversary KM Asia Conference will be held in Hong Kong this year.


4-6 November 2015 ICKM, Osaka

11th International Conference on Knowledge Management


12-15 August 2014  Knowledge Management International Conference, Langkawi, Malaysia


29 Feb 2012:  Article on Social Media and KM for non-profit organisations in Hong Kong URL


Knowledge Management Conferences in Hong Kong since 1999

From 1999-2009  we organised a series  of conference series on managing knowledge in Asia – the Asia Pacific Management Conferences in Hong Kong (APKMC) which focused on managing knowledge in the context of Asian business environments.

Chronology of previous conferences:

2-3 Dec 1999                1st Asia Pacific KM Conference

Knowledge Management in Asia: Strategic Directions for Business  Transformation

28-29 Nov 2000           2nd Asia Pacific KM Conference

Managing Knowledge in a Networked Economy

Developing KM Practices and Communities in Asia-Pacific

21-22 Nov 2001            3rd Asia Pacific KM Conference

Knowledge Shared – Knowledge Doubled

28-29 Nov 2002            4th Asia Pacific KM Conference

Visible Results and Ongoing Challenges for Knowledge  Organisations

27-28 Nov 2003             5th Asia Pacific KM Conference

KM in Asia: Competitive Advantage and Challenges in Managing  Knowledge

18-19 Nov 2004          6th Asia Pacific KM Conference

Intangible Assets – The Wealth of Knowledge-based Economies

8-9 Dec 2005                7th Asia Pacific KM Conference

Global Trade, Global Knowledge

13-14 Dec 2006            8th Asia Pacific KM Conference

New Perspectives on Innovation and Knowledge Management

(in connection with the 3rd KMAP conference)

28-29 Nov 2007          9th Asia Pacific KM Conference

Preparing for the Future – Intelligence Gathering and Sense-making

4 Dec 2008                     10th Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Conference

Managing Knowledge for Sustainable Growth:  Searching for Business Models for the Future

From 2001-2006, the APKMC was hosted by the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society (


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