Research on Transformative Mobility

Knowledge flows, transport flows – notes from an information science perspective on sustainable mobility developments.

Research notes:

“Inter-modal Transport Data Sharing in Hong Kong”

TRP Fora: Inter-modal Data Sharing in Hong Kong with Lessons from the Transport Sector

Online Opening Conference on 18 August 2020 : Free to Join


Parking at a bus stop? No problem for Hong Kong motorists

Urban Space permanently blocked by vehicles


    #NotWalkableHK  #WalkHK

Conference 17 September 2020, Hong Kong

Rethinking “Vehicles First”: a new discourse on Hong Kong’s sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is a globally trending issue in the post-pandemic world. What was considered niche knowledge pre-COVID-19 is now highly sought-after expertise, as cities seek to rewrite short-and long-term transportation policy in line with new paradigms of public health and public space.

With this in mind, Transit Jam, Hong Kong’s first and only registered newspaper dedicated to sustainable mobility, is launching its first annual conference, to shine a light on the sustainable mobility movement and address the challenges in Hong Kong transport.

On behalf of the organising committee, we would be honoured if you would consider presenting at this inaugural event, at which we expect around 150 transport professionals, NGOs, academics, media and government officials.

The theme is: Rethinking “Vehicles First”: a new discourse on Hong Kong’s sustainable mobility. The full Call for Papers is , but all presentations should aim to rethink Hong Kong’s unspoken “Vehicles First” policy; and the deadline is 26 July, 2020, 6pm HKT.

We welcome ideas on transport drivers (macro and policy level), urban engineering and traffic enforcement.






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