About us

As an independent researcher I engage in applied research and action learning projects around knowledge, innovation and intangibles that are difficult or new and require ideas, ingenuity and foresight to explore. Such research often emerges in the space between universities, society, and business, and requires boundary spanning between these different networks and worlds.

Knowledge Dialogues was founded in 1997 in Hong Kong to create public discourses around all aspects of “knowledge” in business and society.

I am working with universities, think tanks, business and non-profit organisations, as well as government and inter-governmental agencies across the Asia-Pacific region, India and Europe. I am also regularly writing and publishing in newspapers, trade and scholarly journals as well as online media.


Email: ritter (at) knowledgedialogues.com


Selected publications:

Ritter, W. 2020 “Are Hong Kong’s Global Talent Pool and Pipeline drying up?” https://harbourtimes.com/2020/09/04/are-hong-kongs-global-talent-pool-and-pipeline-drying-up/

Ritter, W. 2020  “Moving with Social Distancing in Hong Kong”                     https://transitjam.com/2020/04/20/moving-with-social-distance-in-hong-kong/

Ritter, W. 2018  “World Cities Summit without Asia’s World City” http://harbourtimes.com/2018/07/25/world-cities-summit-without-asias-world-city/

Ritter, W. 2018. “The Need for Data Governance in Cities” https://www.cdotrends.com/story/13694/need-data-governance-cities?refresh=auto

Ritter, W. 2017. “Public Libraries – a vital part of an innovation eco-system” https://www.invotech.org.hk/single-post/2017/08/02/Public-libraries-%E2%80%93-a-vital-part-of-an-innovation-eco-system

Ritter, W. 2016. Hong Kong’s Smart City Plan http://www.abhk.org/hong-kongs-smart-city-plan-can-it-create-a-more-liveable-resilient-city/

Ritter, W. 2015 (Guest editor)  “Knowledge Cities”  iKNOW Magazine, Vol 5, Issue 1, Feb 2015, IKI-SEA Bangkok University http://en.calameo.com/books/0000062857cdf3d1411eb

Ritter, W. 2014.  “Myanmar: Developing a Knowledge Society from Scratch” Myanmar Business Today, 3 Feb 2014 http://mmbiztoday.com/articles/myanmar-developing-knowledge-society-scratch

Ritter, W. 2012. “The Value of Open Information” South China Morning Post, 9 August 2012, page A13

Ritter, W. 2012. Geography of Knowledge in the Greater Pearl River Delta: An Analysis of an Emerging Clean Technology Cluster in a Mega-region. Research paper, National University of Singapore, Asia Research Centre conference http://www.ari.nus.edu.sg/showfile.asp?eventfileid=671

Raghav V. Sampangi, Waltraut Ritter, N.V. Vighnesh, H.C. Ashish Ray2012. The Knowledge City Index: a Case Study of Mysore. International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development, 3, 193-213

H. Chung, W. Ritter, N. Sharif. 2011. The Value of Networks in HK Science and Technology Parks: An empirical study on network linkages with reference to Hong Kong’s Uniqueness. Conference paper for the International Association of Science and Technology Parks World Conference

Chu, Samuel; Suliman Hawamdeh, Waltraut Ritter. 2010. Managing Knowledge for Global and Collaborative Innovation. Series on Innovation and Knowledge Management Vol 8. New Jersey, London, Singapore: World Scientific

Ritter, W. 2009. Are Think Tanks an Indicator for Societal Progress? Paper at 3rd OECD Forum on Statistics, Knowledge, and Policy http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/22/1/43596145.pdf

Ritter, W. 2006. Knowledge City – A new Concept? http://www.bu.ac.th/knowledgecenter/epaper/july_dec2010/pdf/P_104-108.pdf  Journal of Knowledge Management, Bangkok University

Ritter, W. 2005. Hong Kong’s Position as Knowledge Society  http://www.cedb.gov.hk/citb/psdas/content/doc/2003-1-38/Research%20Publication.pdf

Pilot Survey on Knowledge Management in Hong Kong. 2000. http://www.execed.hku.hk/PKKI/rc_knowledgemgt.html

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